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Surrogacy Centre India

Amongst all the newborns of United Kingdom, a fair percentage is the result of surrogacy. But an even sensational figure shows that 70% of them are acquired through surrogacy in India .Wyzax Surrogacy Consultants (WSC) – UK is established to entertain and accommodate the increasing number of British families that are coming to clinics with the need of surrogate pregnancy. The fundamental intent to establish our consultancy was purely to help the british couples that are infertile involuntarily and desperate for surrogacy. There are a few states that have preventive laws against surrogacy and the consultancy would create an environment against it.

We focus on the couples from England that are keenly interested in surrogacy and want to add new member in their family through this proven method. Homosexual, lesbians and trans-genders couples or singles too can avail the option of pregnancy. Heterosexual couples with genuine problems unable to conceive can also get benefited by this treatment. There might be various reasons like structural problems and cancer treatment makes natural pregnancy impossible.
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